A historical partner of CIPHERLAB, ID Services has been actively working with the Taiwanese manufacturer for several years to develop new solutions. The TAURUS 9700 and the MERCURY RS30 are concrete examples of a strong and close technical collaboration between the R & D teams of CIPHERLAB and ID Services. 1D / 2D mobile reader with display: 8200

New in 2019 : CIPHERLAB and ID Services offer the RK25, the latest professional android smartphone, it is even compatible for RFID projects. Don't hesitate to take the step, get started with RFID !

RK25 As extensions from commercial smartphone, the RK25’s Android operating system has a large display with management android apps that is easy to operate with simple numeric keypad. CipherLab’s RK25 comes with 2 physical keypad designs for users to choose from. The physical buttons allow users to feel and press the buttons easily for faster data entry with higher accuracy, even during non-visual data entry applications which requires users to read off and simultaneously enter in data. Built for users in the retailing, light warehousing and field mobility industries, it fulfills the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with big volume data collection demands. The RK25 mobile computer effortlessly combines the benefits of touch computers with handheld terminals into one reliable device.

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