Real 12" PC industrial embedded, like its bigger brother ID 15, ID 12 is the result of meeting the real needs of users on the ground and the creativity of our engineers. It comes with its mechanical support and its customized virtual keyboard, its integration is a guaranteed success with the end users. 100% designed and manufactured in France, this industrial PC offers an excellent quality of manufacture as well as an easy and inexpensive maintenance. Its standard version, V3, corresponds to a complete, economical and powerful equipment, ready to serve for 10 years. ID 12

    Main Characteristics

    • "Fanless" Technology : without fan, no air vent, increased performance and durability.
    • Robustness : exterme solidity of the case, food grade stainless steel, high-quality touch panel with reinforcing glass, IP65 on all sides (without connections below the case), easy cleaning (anti-chemical and grease treatment), insensitive to vibrations (shock absorbers integrated in chassis, flash memory without hard disk), manufacturing using industrial elements (some military and / or used in avionics), recyclable.
    • Sustainability of elements : original parts developed by French engineers, using components in the durability, guaranted for more than 5 years.
    • Ultrafonctionality : everything is integrated on the basic model with WIFI, Bluetooth, personalized virtual keyboard, Bluekub allowing to directly pair barcode readers : - 100 % compatible software on all the platforms of the market, - 100 % compatible hardware with input / output automation control, - 100 % security compatible with IEEE standards integration and Cisco, Motorola and HP Aruba specifics.
    ID12 on forklift truck