Fixed mount scanners FI 710 SCANTECH

The FI710 is equipped with ultra-compact high performance 2D area imager bar code scanning engine, ideal for OEM applications in devices including POS, medical devices, kiosks, lottery terminals and access control devices, a stand option can be ordered to facilitate desktop hand-free reading options. The FI710 supports with up to 500mm reading depth of 1D and 2D bar codes, scan rate is up to 120 scans per second in linear emulation and 60 images per second in 2D area mode.

It combines decode speed with unmatched motion tolerance to deliver an easy to use scanner with aggressive performance and offers uncompromised performance on current linear barcodes’ applications, it can emulate the operation as a linear imagers with scan rates up to 120 scans per second when decodes linear barcodes, which is more than three times faster than traditional 2D imagers. Everything has been done to simplify the integration of the FI710, compact size, multiple mounting possibilities and multiple interfaces selection, such as standard RS232 & USB-HID and USB Virtual COM port.

The FI710 is built to match the most demanding scanning requirements, providing consistent scanning performance in total darkness to full sunshine and over a large temperature range.

Find here the datasheet of FI710