We provide you with a set of labels that respect either Radio Frequency (RF) or Acoustomagnetic (AM) technology.

exemple étiquette RFRadio Frequency (RF) technology has been used for many years to combat shoplifting and is an ideal solution for textile stores, department stores and supermarkets. Many models are available in scanning or pulse systems, prints and customizable sizes.

RF advantages : - the widest choice of antennas, from the most robust to the most elegant; - allows the use of source-marked items by suppliers; - passage counting function available

exemple étiquette AMAcoustomagnetic (AM) technology is ideal for retailers and department stores; its results are also very convincing for the sale of cosmetics, as well as for surfaces specialized in electronics and equipment. No other technology is capable of providing permanent security over such long distances. This technology allows items to be marked with small buttons and adhesive labels.

The AM advantages : - monitoring of the widest corridors and alleys; - also works in a single configuration where a single antenna secures a perimeter of up to 3 meters (with TAG); - antennas equipped with interference detection. Individuals with signal jamming devices automatically trigger an alarm (optional).


We offer a complete range of AM detector portals in different configurations :

photos groupées de portiques

HARD TAG accessories also available on request.

présentation de boitiers hard tagprésentation exemple hard tagprésentation hard tag lunettes solaires


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