Vocal VestIn the world of voice picking, the Vocal Vest® is a small revolution which is generating huge interest. This unique item of high-tech work clothing is the final result of an intense R&D effort, including live trialing and input from high numbers of end-users.

More than 1250 hours and € 200.000 were invested in the design and manufacture of first prototypes. The patented system is equipped with removable earphones, a flexible microphone with screw-on jack plug, and an external electronic amplifier unit whose functions include inputting of software parameters and ambient noise filtering. Current vocal solutions using standard headsets face seemingly insurmountable barriers to implementation among certain sectors- headsets can “isolate” workers socially, and carry the risk of user discomfort, earache or headaches- and Bluetooth headset users can add the possibility of as-yet little understood medical risks associated with their long term use.

Where some or all of these issues are faced, the Vocal Vest® provides a real alternative to traditional headsets used in voice picking applications. Offering a high level of comfort and ergonomics, the Vocal Vest® greatly extends the usefulness of voice picking solutions by creating new and improved working conditions for more operators. Voice commands are naturally heard in both ears, while the head is completely freed from the daily constraint of headbands and earpieces.

The jacket was designed in close association with high numbers of real voice-picking operators, CHSCT (Committee for Health and Safety at Work) departments of large retailers, company doctors, and union representatives of warehouses belonging to key French retail groups. In addition to providing comfort to operators, particular attention was also given to providing a fast return on investment to customers, and low-cost, low-hassle maintenance.

Vocal Vest®2 is designed to offer comfort and versatility. Thanks to multiple adjustments, one size fits all and end users can customize this accessory to their own requirements. Special clip allows 6 different positions to hold Amplibox®2 or smartphones on the vest, while cable shealths offer multiple configurations.

Front belt clip adjusts the vest from 2XS to 3XL, and lateral belt adjustments bring comfort for end users. All audio equipments are removable to allow cleaning or easy and cheap maintenance within just a few seconds.

All Vocal Vest®2 spare parts are available for on site maintenance. 

Single cradle or 4-way smart industrial chargers are also available.



Visit its dedicated website : www.vocal-vest.com or upload our datasheet

Vocal Vest 2