ECOMLIGHT© is a fixed luminous display system installed on small trolleys (used in particular in the field of textiles), making it possible to identify in real time the correct box of deposition of the articles during picking operations. It is particularly designed for the preparation of small E-commerce orders but, if necessary, it can be used in the context of more "traditional" activities.

Combined with portable, "hands-free" or voice input terminals, this solution allows the simultaneous "multi-client" preparation of orders, with all the gains that this represents, in a simple, intuitive and reliable way.

The system guides pickers by illuminating the destination carton as they read the product code to be delivered, line by line. The cartons or boxes in which the collected products must be delivered are identified precisely (and without risk of being mistaken) by a coloured light. The LEDs are directional, easy and quick to locate for any preparer.

chariot ECOMLIGHT en fonction


Picture may differ from actual product,
depends on the choice of the trolley

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