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MioWORK devices are the perfect solution to replace traditional ways of working – pen and paper and non-rugged devices – allowing business and teams to be more productive and precise, while also benefitting from less disruption to processes due to the low failure rate.

We collaborate closely with several MDM providers, maximizing the practicality and security of MioWORK products in the workplace.

The award-winning rugged MioWORK tablets are designed to resist multiple drops, shocks, spills & splashes and temperature variations. The rugged design offer high protection yet remain lightweight, attractive and easy to use.

- A500 series, 5" Rugged Handheld device

- L110/115, Rugged enterprise computing

- L135, High performance enterprise tablet

- Fleet Tablet, F700

- L1000 Series, All-In-One Ruggedness

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