Clip&Light LEDs allumées toutes les couleurs CLIP&LIGHT© is presented as a multicoloured WIFI light, easily integrated on a support of variable shapes thanks to its clip system.
It is a flexible and modular solution of luminous display for Picking rolls (wire box), allowing to identify in real time the correct tray or shelf of deposition of the articles during picking. Combined with portable, "hands-free" or voice input terminals, this solution allows the simultaneous "multi-client" preparation of orders, with all the gains that this represents, in a simple, intuitive and reliable way.
The system, consisting mainly of small stand-alone and removable WIFI LED boxes, clipped onto clamps (made of wood, plastic or metal) ideally hung on the Picking support, or directly placed on any other support, guides the picker efficiently and intuitively. 

The aim is to avoid any errors when positioning the goods (e.g. carton inversions when depositing) and to ensure fast, efficient and interactive identification of the logistical support within the warehouse (e.g. identification of a priority parcel on a conveyor). The shelf, storage box or cardboard box in which the cCLIP&LIGHT on a shelveollected products are to be placed is identified by the multicoloured lights on the housing which simply light up or flash ! 
Once the picking is completed, the CLIP&LIGHT© module is recovered, reloaded and reusable for a successive preparation round. 

This solution is not limited to PUT TO LIGHT operations, but can also be used for PICK TO LIGHT operations if required.


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