ID Services is a French IT engineering company created in 2002. Today we have over 2,700 end customers mainly in the mass distribution, logistics and industrial fields. Not only is ID Services recognized for the quality of its products and services, but also for its ethics and respect to commitments. 
Since the creation of our Taiwanese subsidiary in 2008, ID Services has forged close links with many Asian suppliers. These include large manufacturers of hygienic protection products intended for use with our line of voice recognition headsets, used by voice order pickers in the warehouses of our European customers. These same factories also manufacture hundreds of millions of masks. From the beginning of the Covid19 health crisis until June, and at the request of the State, we put all our energy into providing help for those who were most in need. We kept in mind the importance of gratuity and anonymity (free, anonymous donations) which were really the driving force behind our action. On our small scale, we always tried during this very special period to give what we would have liked to receive if we ourselves had been weakened.

Since the beginning of the summer, the situation has evolved. We have chosen to continue this activity and now offer a lineup of PPE simply and without intermediaries, with limited gross margins: quality masks (surgical or respiratory protection types) in compliance with a strict regulatory framework, as well as other difficult-to-source products such as small refillable spray-cap bottles.

Our objective today ? To continue to be of service, again and again. To put our practical sense and responsivity at the service of companies and individuals, to help them to continue or resume their activities in good conditions and with minimal disturbance.

For our selection of masks (surgical and FFP2), alcolholic sanitizers, empty bottles and other protective equipment for office use, please visit our dedicated website :


Masque chirurgical 3 plis


Masque FFP2 Protection de visage, visière en polycarbonate
Protection de bureau en plexiglass transparent Bidon de Solution Hydroalcoolique 5 litres