Especially designed for logistics




POINDUS has always been an innovator in the development and manufacture of high quality and high performance computing platforms to provide POS All In One professional terminals, industrial displays and enclosure controllers for various industries.

ECOMLIGHT E-Commerce Trolley

ECOMLIGHT© is a fixed luminous display system installed on small trolleys (used in particular in the field of textiles), making it possible to identify in real time the correct box of deposition of the articles during picking operations. It is particularly designed for the preparation of small E-commerce orders but, if necessary, it can be used in the context of more "traditional" activities.

R & D, innovations

ID Services is investing on an ongoing basis and believe on innovation.

Discover two projects, results of our research :

VOCAL VEST© to replace mono headsets in warehouses

We offer a better comfort for end users of voice solutions and more safety with a normal listening, in both ears, of the environment.

Micro logistics specific developments

Always attentive to our customers and prospects, we realize :

- Project evaluations for "micro-logistics" needs

- Mechanical, electrical and electronical developments on-demand

- Customized designs and prototypes

All that can be done for small or large series, with various process, machining and finishing

It applies for :

-> Any kind of device mounting adapted to every situation