Research & Developpement


R & D, innovations

ID Services is investing on an ongoing basis and believe on innovation.

Discover two projects, results of our research :

VOCAL VEST© to replace mono headsets in warehouses

We offer a better comfort for end users of voice solutions and more safety with a normal listening, in both ears, of the environment.

Project, consulting & softwares

We can help you in :

- Project assistance & technical support with our engineers and technicians in various fields

- Development of specific and customized mechanical and software solutions with a design brief

     - Software developments for mobile device using C/C++, Nasic, Java, PHP, ...

     - Hardware software developments using assembler

     - Back office IT systems interface for shop floor hardware integration

     - Front office with POS interface for customer's marketing real time information


ID 12, Tablet PC industrial embedded

    Real 12" PC industrial embedded, like its bigger brother ID 15, ID 12 is the result of meeting the real needs of users on the ground and the creativity of our engineers. It comes with its mechanical support and its customized virtual keyboard, its integration is a guaranteed success with the end users. 100% designed and manufactured in France, this industrial PC offers an excellent quality of manufacture as well as an easy and inexpensive maintenance.

    ID Services Taipei

    ID Services Taipei Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality parts and accessories to the barcode scanning, mobile computing and mobile data collection.

    ID Services Taipei Ltd. (IDST) was established in 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan. IDST is a subsidiary of ID Services SAS.

    The IDST management team combines a wealth of experience in the development, production and deployment of mobile devices and related parts, accessories and peripheral hardware for the Auto-ID industry.

    Printing cart



    This cart is especially designed for printing. On its top, you can put a printer ZEBRA (ZM600 / ZT400), or TSC (TTP-2410MT). 8 hours of autonomy guarantee with its two power packs and a converter 24 V to 220 V

    This trolley follows your employee in every traveling needed thanks to its 4 wheels driving including 2 with brakes.







    About Us

    ID Services, founded in 2002, is an experienced company (French subsidiary of the European group Autotech ID). With more than 2,700 end customers located in France but also in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, ID Services works daily for a number of industrial, mass distribution and warehousing companies as well as for SMEs.

    Vocal Vest 2

    Vocal VestIn the world of voice picking, the Vocal Vest® is a small revolution which is generating huge interest. This unique item of high-tech work clothing is the final result of an intense R&D effort, including live trialing and input from high numbers of end-users.

    Value-Added Manufacturer

    ID Services is an integrator and manufacturer thanks to its own engineers, which gives us a singularity in our business.

    - We have our own service experience to create innovative products to avoid design errors on products from American or Asian colleagues.

    - We listen to our customers whom we solicit widely for the development of each of our products.

    - Our reliable and durable products are easy to install, use and maintain.

    - The choice of components meets objectives of durability and robustness (mostly electronic industrial and military components)