Voice picking applications as Vocal-Vest




With our experience of on-site installations, we know what users are looking for. We provide the most suitable and stable peripheral devices: ring scanners, embedded PCs, headsets and voice solutions, RFID scanners and many specialized accessories.

R & D, innovations

ID Services is investing on an ongoing basis and believe on innovation.

Discover two projects, results of our research :

VOCAL VEST© to replace mono headsets in warehouses

We offer a better comfort for end users of voice solutions and more safety with a normal listening, in both ears, of the environment.


We complete the integration of many kinds of ID devices (hand held, mobile and embedded devices, RFID, industrial printers, access points, ...) and Vocal solutions

We distribute the most reliable brands of the market such as Cipherlab, TSC, Zebra, Datalogic, Aruba, Cisco, ...

We develop partnerships with many manufacturers

We offer various technical solutions such as full installation, settings on and connections/commissioning on site, we are also available to make end users training.


Thanks to our rich on-site installation experience, we know what end-users are looking for. We provide the best-fitting and most stable devices and peripherals : ring scanners, truck mounted panel PC’s, voice picking vests and headsets, RFID barcode scanners, and many other specialized accessories.

We market products and accessories : CIPHERLABPOINDUS, SCANTECH, SEWOO, TSC, etc...

Vocal Vest 2

Vocal VestIn the world of voice picking, the Vocal Vest® is a small revolution which is generating huge interest. This unique item of high-tech work clothing is the final result of an intense R&D effort, including live trialing and input from high numbers of end-users.

Maintenance and after sales services

ID Services owns its technical center, in St Clair du Rhône(38), strategical location on a main european axis (customers in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, etc.), which ensures a high quality after sales services. We have fast turnaround time for repairs with professional certified engineers and technicians.

We have a high availability and choice of spare parts. We can repair new or very old devices as : barcode scanners, mobiles & embedded terminals, industrial printers, RFID devices and so on, all repairs are made in our workshops.

On demand

Our “tailor-made” solutions help your organization achieve greater efficiency and therefore a faster ROI. We’ll share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges. It could be a preparation cart like the one above or it could be any solution according to a design brief.