ID Services, founded in 2002, is an experienced company (French subsidiary of the European group Autotech ID). With more than 2,700 end customers located in France but also in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, ID Services works daily for a number of industrial, mass distribution and warehousing companies as well as for SMEs.

Our teams are composed of 35 software engineers, networks, electronics engineers, mechanics and many technicians. All are passionate about new technologies and the ultimate satisfaction of our customers: given the number of innovative products developed over the past 15 years by our engineers and our commercial success, ID Services is a truly unique company in France. The quality of the service provided to our customers and the creativity of our development teams are our priorities.

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Our key activities are the following ones : 

- Study & development of new products (Budgie OTG® hands-free reader, ID12® embedded industrial PC, Vocal Vest®, Silverback® accessories range, PUT2LIGHT® light bars, etc.)

- Maintenance and after-sales service within 48 hours (on all types of input terminals, readers or barcode printers)

- Specific products and design development for customers (including micrologistics ones)

- Technical project management (from the expression of the customer's needs to the implementation of the global solution, including all software, hardware and services)

- LAN and WLAN expertise

ID Services is characterized by its creativity, simplicity, flexibility too, and by the commitment of all its engineers and technicians to the satisfaction of end users! It is common in France, in this sector dedicated to the world of the logistics information chain, to find suppliers with large sales teams and few engineers. At ID Services, it's the opposite: you will mainly have engineers and technicians in front of you, with all the advantages (or disadvantages of course) that this implies...

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