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We have gained extensive experience through the many relationships we have developed with system integrators and end users: we have gained their trust by offering customized solutions in an intelligent and cost-effective way.

Over the years, we have developed extensive technical expertise in solving problems specific to different environments (warehouses, factories, department stores, etc.).

See our solutions :

- PUT2LIGHT light bars,

- ECOMLIGHT Ecommerce Trolley,

- CLIP&LIGHT light clips,

- MOBILIGHT light mast for multi client picking

- SPACELIGHT light "ceiling" for multi client picking

- Printing trolley,

- Micro-logistics development and "on demand" solutions


See our products : 

- Budgie on the Go©,

- ID 12, tablet PC industrial embedded,

- Vocal Vest 2©,

- Security accessories for Retail,

- Silverback© : accessories




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