Budgie On the GO - BOTG

Ask to test our brand new "hands-free" reader, BUDGIE OTG© entirely developed by our engineers and manufactured by ID Services in France. With remarkable autonomy and reliability, it is capable of reading any type of 1D or 2D code in any direction and even behind several layers of plastic film. Equipped with a robustness to any test, the BUDGIE OTG© offers many possibilities thanks to its multiple accessories.

Wearing on the back of the hand, on the wrist, on a jacket sleeve or on the belt, everyone can find the best way to wear it. With a simplified interface at its best, it connects in the blink of an eye by reading a bar code to any type of terminal, tablet or smartphone (Windows or Android), but also to all conventional embedded terminals and PCs (via a special USB key also developed by our engineers, the BlueKub®). Not to mention the Talkmans T5 voice terminals and the latest WT41N0 terminals with which the BUDGIE OTG© can interface without any difficulty.

  • Connection to many different device types  : you can connect effortlessly to your old or new devices running Android, Windows or any other embedded PC operating system
  • Longer shifts & less charging time: longer battery life (up to 30 hours) means more time between charges.  Quick charging cradle reduces charge time to just 40 minutes.
  • Short or long scanning distance : 5 cm to 437 cm, depending on the type and the density of the barcode (printing support too)
  • Comfortable: the glove adapts easily to different wrist sizes
  • Various usage positions: can be worn on the wrist, or the back of the hand


img budgie presentation 3

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