MOBILIGHT is a mobile system of luminous display for multi-customer preparation zones of reduced and variable surface. It allows identification in real time the correct pallet or place of deposition of the goods. Combined with portable, "hands-free", voice or on-board input terminals, this solution makes it possible to prepare orders simultaneously by "bursting" in a simple, intuitive and reliable way.

From pallet to pallet for the same product to be delivered, the system guides pickers to eliminate possible errors when positioning goods. Flexible and "nomadic" solution, it simply adapts to all configurations of small dispensing areas.

During order picking, the pallets on which the collected products must be placed are designated on the ground by a coloured light specific to each picker, emitted by directive LEDs.

The whole system is easily reconfigurable at any time: the preparation areas can evolve or change without any problem according to the operating constraints.


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